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Power Minerals has a future vision to discover and develop mineral deposits not only for the benefit of its shareholders but also for the benefit of the local communities in which we operate and on a regional scale for the broader community. It is our vision that this benefit will be one of both economical and social prosperity. We have a publicly stated primary business objective to “establish equitable and respectful relationships with the traditional owners of tenement areas held by the Company”.

Our vision includes gaining the trust and confidence of the local communities by educating, involving, contributing and participating. During the exploration stage we aim to foster and maintain enduring and respectful relationships with the local and broader communities by ensuring our activities are open and transparent and by employing local people wherever possible. We include in our vision instigation and sponsorship of community activities which form an important part of the social fabric of the isolated communities in which we work.

Should we advance to a project development stage it is our vision that this will be done together with and for the social and economic benefit of the local community and other stakeholders.

Power Minerals is committed to engaging with local communities, other stakeholders and the broader community to deliver social benefits. We have developed a number of initiatives and policies that promote interaction and support for community groups to deliver social benefits. It is a policy of Power Minerals to get involved and participate in the communities in which we operate.

We consider it a very important responsibility to engage local communities and have sponsored many cultural events, sporting carnivals and art shows. We also actively promote and assist initiatives from other institutions such as the South Australian Museum who can deliver social benefits to disadvantaged outback aboriginal communities by roadshowing selected exhibits and allowing the children and adults of the remote communities to interact with concepts they would not normally come in contact with.

Our commitment to social responsibility also extends to other stakeholders such as pastoralists, employees, contractors and the wider community. We have demonstrated this through initiatives such as a scholarship to assist disadvantaged students from remote pastoral leases to attend the University of Adelaide and study geology. We also sponsor initiatives to educate the broader community regarding aspects of exploration and mining development such as the cloud chamber at the SA Museum which is designed to increase the understanding of radioactivity amongst the broader community. We are also committed to support events that enhance the social fabric of the wider community such as the Adelaide Fringe Festival.